Digital Technology Guide

Digital Technology Guide

Time to Unleash Digital

ROI Benefits & Beyond

Let’s look beyond the standard return on investment (ROI) calculators for a moment. (Don’t get us wrong, we understand the importance of bottom line numbers for your investment, here’s a handy calculator.) These calculators generally provide direct reimbursement-for-use models. Have you thought about indirect value the technology brings? We’re talking about the following:


A stopwatch icon symbolizing improved efficiency

Improved efficiency, allowing more time to treat patients

A magnifying glass showcasing enhanced case acceptance

Enhanced case acceptance

A sparkly tooth icon showcasing improved patient outcomes

Improved patient outcomes

A wide open eye icon showcasing enhanced patient perception of the practice

Enhanced patient perception of the practice (might be added referrals)

A digital tooth image showcasing added diagnostic capability

Added diagnostic capability

A digital screen icon showcasing consolidated communication and information sharing

Consolidated communication and information sharing streamlines processes

An icon of a dental chair illustrating the increased potential for in-house treatment

Potential for additional in-house treatment

An icon of a green dollar sign showcasing tax advantages

Tax advantages

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