3D Cone Beam

Green CT 2

Vatech Green CT 2

Green CT 2 12×9 EPM# 81851234
Green CT 2 12×9 RC (Ceph) EPM# 81852345
Green CT 2 18×10 EPM# 81850216
Green CT 2 18×10 RC (Ceph) EPM# 81850217

The VATECH Green CT 2 offers a range of selectable fields of view. The multi-FOV enables the user to select the optimum FOV Mode and minimizes exposure to areas not in the region of interest. Select the proper FOV size among 18×10, 13×10, 8×9 and 5×5 based on a particular diagnostic need. It covers the full arch region, sinus and left/right TMJ and it suits most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgeries.