Seiler Alpha Air 6 0-220 Degree Head Microscope with LED Illumination

Seiler Alpha Air 6 Straight Head Microscope

The Alpha Air 6 offers six levels of magnification, Apochromatic Lenses for superior optics, the brightest LED Illumination on the market, and is exceptionally designed for superior maneuverability and performance.

  • 3-Step or 6-Step magnification models available.
  • Brightest LED Illumination on the market at 150,000 LUX for superior visualization – Standard!
  • Five mounting options.
  • Newly redesigned suspension system delivering greater maneuverability and improved stability.
  • Built-in USB and 12V DC power supply on the Optic Pod.


Alpha Air 6
71990378 Tabletop

71990374 Floor