Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution

Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution



Ackuretta SOL Plus 3D Printer, CURIE Plus with N2 Cover Kit, CLEANI with Dual Tanks, Promotional Price $14,500. Concierge Service Included. Use Promo Code SP24 to Redeem Your Value–Added Bundle.

5kg CURO Element Model (Prints up to 400 models), Tank Plus (CLEANI Accessory) |  $850 Value Added Bundle.


To claim the FREE goods, including 1x 5kg CURO Element Model Beige ($450), and the CLEANI accessory Tank Plus Kit ($400) customers must submit proof of bundle sale in form of a distributor-issued invoice at the time of Concierge Service Registration. This bundle is available through select distributors in North America.

Valid from April 1 to June 28, 2024.



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