You have a CBCT…now what?

Successful integration requires a thoughtful approach. The following recommendations will assist you and your team in creating a seamless integration.



Integrating CBCT is a balance of both clinical and management skills. Host a team meeting to clarify the reasons you purchased this technology. The staff needs to be excited about the potential this technology brings to your practice! The most important step in integration is for the team to understand why you purchased it and the benefits it brings to your patients.



While all staff members need to understand the value of the technology, only a few will be tasked with the technical aspect of learning to use the equipment. Gauge the level of training needed for the individuals who will be responsible to initiate scans. An overview for the remaining staff will be sufficient for them to understand the “big picture” and value it brings.



Consider short and long-term scheduling needs. In the short-term, time will need to be allocated for training. This includes allowing additional time with patient care until the process becomes a comfortable habit. While the actual scan is relatively quick, approximately 20 seconds, the patient may need to arrive early if you choose to bill medical insurance, in order to collect additional insurance information.


Fees & Billing Protocols

Structure your fee in the 80th percentile for your zip code. CBCT technology is relatively new without a long history of processed dental claims, so you’ll find fee percentiles can vary. Currently most dental insurance companies do not cover CBCT scans. However, when ordered for medical purposes (i.e. trauma, pathology, implant placement, sinus evaluation), some medical insurance companies provide coverage.



As of January 2019, you have access to three categories of dental codes when billing for CBCT scans: capture only, capture and interpretation, or interpretation only.


Build Value

Build the value, and necessity, for the use of your CBCT. Oftentimes, the fee will be an out-of-pocket expense. This makes consistent scripting important. Build the value prior to discussing the fee. When discussing a fee prior to building value, you create a potential to lose your patient’s focus. Ideally, the value you present should put the fee in alignment with the service they receive.



New technology helps your patients understand your commitment to providing exemplary care. Patients like to brag about you and your practice; your new CBCT gives them one more reason to brag! Make sure your entire patient base knows you offer this technology, not just the patients who need a scan. Highlight the availability of CBCT scans, focusing on the benefits to patients, through your website, newsletters, reception area, and social media channels.


Need more details? Reach out to your Account Manager or PST for support with integrating all your technology!


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