A SmarTech Publishing market research study predicts that the dental 3D printing market opportunity will reach $9.5 billion by 2027.

The addition of 3D printers promises to make the digital workflow more effective and profitable for the dental community while increasing patient comfort and convenience. Most importantly, it provides better care for patients with greater accuracy of final restorations and appliances. 3D printers are finding a niche in the dental industry by providing one more digital option in the workflow process.

3D printers are not new to the medical space, making its debut with a 3D-printed prosthetic leg in 2008. 3D printing continues to revolutionize the medical community with the ability to fabricate tissue and organs in addition to prosthetics, implants, and models.

In dentistry, a surgical guide can be modeled and printed in 45 minutes. Guided surgery, without argument, is safer, faster, and more accurate than traditional methods. Currently, the most common application for 3D printing is orthodontic aligners and occlusal guards. A patient could have their occlusal guard in hand on the same day it is treatment planned. That saves time for the patient, increases case acceptance, and eliminates the need for additional scheduling. You might find new patients filling this newly found time in the schedule as 3D printers create their own internal marketing for the practice. Impressed patients refer family and friends.

Applications for 3D printing include:
Stone models
Denture bases
Partial denture framework
Diagnostic wax-ups
Surgical guides
Orthodontic aligners
Occlusal guards (Nightguards)
Dental implant abutments

3D printers have also become extremely reasonably priced, with entry models starting as low as $4,000, making them a great addition to CAD/CAM technology solutions. In addition, new applications are constantly emerging making 3D printing an exciting time for the future of dentistry.

3D Printing – The Future of Dentistry – a strong alternative to a milling machine or traditional lab for dental services.

3D Printing – The Future of Dentistry – a strong alternative to a milling machine or traditional lab for dental services.


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