Pandemic Recovery Guide

Your Patients

Your patients need to know you have their best interest in mind. We’ve compiled some talking points, reassurance, and suggestions to help you let them know their safety is your top priority. Below you’ll find scripting suggestions for relationship building, screening questions and reassurance, suggestions for patient confirmation, check-in talking points, clinician talking points, and post-treatment check-out scripting.


Reassurance and Your Patients

Recognizing they may be hesitant, encouraging them to call the practice, and reminding them you and your team stand (safely) ready to support their oral health is key. Here are four areas to focus on – social media, email, website, and video – along with examples, ideas, and scripts for you to follow. Read More…


Patient Scripting

Offering reassurance to patients, with consistent talking points, requires you to be calm, to speak slowly, and to maintain eye contact. Your patients may be anxious or even fearful; the information you share, and the manner in which you share it, will help alleviate anxiety and foster trust to strengthen patient relationships. Read more…