Pandemic Recovery Guide


You’ve heard the buzz, virtual patient calls in the medical industry. Now is your time to take advantage of this unique opportunity to continue to provide dental care options to patients in need. Having face-to-face conversations can put your patients’ anxiety to rest. Log on and welcome to the new age!


A Safe Option

Make patients aware of your ability to offer teledentistry as a means to provide a safe screening or exam. Highlight this on your website and social media channels. Providing this technology reassures the patient you are willing to make changes and evolve to meet safety demands. While HIPAA regulations have been temporarily relaxed during the pandemic so no special technology is needed, consider integrating HIPAA compliant offerings now, so you are ready for the future. Simplifeye and Dentulu, are two options.

Last Updated 4/30/20

Please remember, teledentistry is regulated by state statute and board rule, not dental association recommendations. The Scope of Practice Policy website has a map detailing regulations by state. (Please reference the third section on the right, under “Practice of Teledentistry.”)


Coding & Billing

Teledentistry services, when coded properly, are billable events.

Watch the webinar from the ADA – Teledentistry & Virtual Evaluations During COVID-19 – 1 CE Credit.

Many managed care groups are making changes to their protocols during the pandemic. Evaluations should be conducted using video or photographs. (No special equipment is needed during the pandemic). Most are also requesting this procedure be submitted as procedure code 0140. Frequency limitations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Check in with each of your contracted providers to see how they are handling these claims.

If your practice is in-network, refer to your plan documents to determine if D9995 and D9996 are considered inclusive. If they are not inclusive and no coverage exists, or if you are out-of-network, you can bill the patient.

Please note, no special technology is needed to deliver teledentistry services during the pandemic. Since healthcare systems are facing uncharted territory in managing the COVID-19 outbreak, concessions have been made to assist healthcare providers in delivering this service. The Department of Health and Human Services announced that “Providers will be allowed to use everyday technologies to talk to telehealth patients.” The HHS Office of Civil Rights has also stated it will waive any potential HIPAA penalties for use of telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency. If a practice needs help with setting fees for this service, they can reach out to Practice Support Team for guidance.
Last Updated 4/20/20


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