Pandemic Recovery Guide

Your Team – Communication & Training

Even if you’re still trying to understand the situation we’re all in right now, it is a critical time to stay engaged with your team members. With all of the uncertainties you have, you know one thing’s for sure – you care about your staff and their safety is a priority. If there was any time to over-communicate, this is it. Reassurance is key. Below and in the pages to the left are some ideas for you to implement with your staff.


Crisis Management During COVID-19

During this time, little things can bring your team members one step closer to their breaking point. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce fear and anxiety, creating a stronger sense of team and belonging. Read more…


Teach Your Team

Meet with your team to review protocols and safety measures; allowing the team an opportunity to feel safe and better explain safety measures to patients. Read more…


Tips to Stay Comfortable in Your PPE

Dehydration, headaches, irritability, and other signs of heat stress – if these symptoms sound familiar, try some of these “beat the heat” strategies. Be patient and find what works – it’s not a one-solution problem the dental industry is facing. Here are some of the best, and sometimes fun, suggestions we have heard. Read more…


HR Related Topics

As emergency legislation continues to roll out with modifications happening at a breakneck pace, legislation may change employment laws. Burkhart’s affiliate partner, CEDR, is keeping their HR-focused COVID content up to date. Sign up for CEDR updates.



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