Patient Scripting

Reassuring Your Patients on Social Media

Consider a daily post on social media striking a balance between warmth and assurance.

  • Spotlight and post your practice video (see Video Reassurance)
  • Post the steps you’re taking to keep patients safe
  • Post photos of what team members were doing while on furlough (CE, walks with the dog, baking up some great treats, etc.)
  • Spotlight any new equipment or technology used to keep everyone safe
  • Post a team photo from “pre-COVID” – “Under all our protection, we have the same heart as ever. Looking forward to seeing you!”
  • “We’ve missed you and we’re excited to see you again at <Practice Name>, starting on ____________. We want to assure you we have the best sterilization protocols in place and are closely following the CDC recommendations. We’re here for you and all your dental needs with our extended hours on Fridays from 7-3 and Saturdays from 9-2. You can reach us at XXX-XXX-XXXX.