Pandemic Recovery Guide

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Practice Support Team, our free consulting service for clients, has resources like those listed below to help get you back on your feet. Our purpose is to free you up to do great things – not just during challenging times, but always.


Go the Extra Mile for Your Patients – Meeting Patient Needs While Maintaining Profitability

Uncertainty has been the mantra since February 2020 when the pandemic changed the way dental practices operate. One certainty is the pressing need to meet patient needs safely while maintaining profitability – in fact, they go hand-in-hand. Practices that focus on reducing patient exposures, while increasing profit margins, will recover more quickly than those that don’t. Read more…


Pivotal Business Tips to Manage Your Dental Practice in an Economic Downturn

As unemployment rates climb, loss of dental insurance benefits follows, which could create a reduced future demand for dentistry. Economic downturns are not new for dentistry, and some practices will fare better than others based on how well-prepared they are. There are steps – pivotal steps – to take over the next few months to lay a foundation to weather this potential economic downturn. Read more…


Staffing Contingency Plans

Prepare for a potential staffing challenge before it happens with this forward-thinking, proactive approach. Read more…


Recruiting During & After a Pandemic

An already small pool of talent for dental practices is now even smaller. Follow these tips to find your ideal candidate. Read more…


Marketing Your Practice During & After a Pandemic

Even if your dental practice has pent-up demand now – marketing is vital to what happens in your practice coming months. Read more…


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