Pandemic Recovery Guide

Office Management

With so many new things to think about and remember, let’s not forget about the importance of the first impression and the lasting importance of the last impression. Both are opportunities to convey the safety of the practice to patients. Here are some things to keep in mind as you provide an exceptional patient experience.


PPO Fee Re-Negotiation

Pre-COVID-19, most practices contracted with third-party payers planned to re-negotiate their contracts at the earliest possible date allowed by the carrier – generally every 18-24 months. The COVID-19 era of dentistry creates an opportunity to re-negotiate prior to the end of your contract term. Read more…


Re-Opening Your Dental Practice

You made the difficult decision to close your practice in light of COVID-19 concerns to protect your staff, patients, and yourself. Re-opening the practice carries an equal burden as you weigh state mandates, the level of infection in your area, and the health of your dental team and community at large. Added sanitation protocols extend even into general office management, we cover CDC and ADA recommendations for changes in this article. Read more…

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