Supply Savings Guarantee

"Wow, it [Supply Savings Guarantee] works! The secret to the system is to let Burkhart do it!"

Dr. Igor OchevSan Rafael, CA


"The service department is excellent. They are personable, well trained, and quick to respond."

Dr. Tom SorensenMurray, Utah


"I wanted to be as paperless as possible. I wanted to stop developing radiographs. I wanted beautiful imaging IN my software. And I wanted to do it all in a wireless environment on Tablet PCs. The leap into all this change was daunting. I asked a ridiculous amount of questions. I was excited to find that my dreams for my practice had an answer that seemed custom catered. We only needed a few days of training for my entire staff to be up to speed...Everything has been so seamless working with Burkhart and their XLDent team."

Dr. Kevin PottsDallas, TX