Through knowledge, integrity and service, Burkhart has become the most respected dental supply company in the industry, but to stay in this position we need to continually improve. We don't want to be just the best; we want to be the best by a long shot. To achieve this, we will focus on four areas going forward:
  1. Hiring and retaining the best people; we are the place to be. When you get hired, you know you are a special person with a history of success and an attitude of service. When you are part of Burkhart, you work hard to help others because you appreciate what you are part of and couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
  2. Differentiating ourselves through a continually elevated client experience. We want our clients' lives and businesses to be enriched because we are a part of them.
  3. Committing to further educating our associates, affording them excellent training that further distinguishes them as a knowledgeable resource.
  4. Investing in the systems and processes that allow us to deliver impeccable service and provide information that allows our people and clients to make good decisions